Friday, March 23, 2012

Season Finale!!!

I can't believe it! We're almost done with season 5 of Heartland!
It seems like if it was yesterday that we were doing the countdown for season 5, trying to guess what would be like, impatiently watching the previews for the first episode over and over! And now it's ending once again?
One of the things that has got all of us crazy is that we don't certainly know if there's officially going to be a season 6 of our favorite TV show. CBC hasn't announced it yet, leaving us a big question sign.
So now I would like to was this season so far from your point of view?
I believe this was a great season (so far ;)) I really enjoyed it though it isn't my favorite season so far. It was amazing the idea of developing some character's stories, suck as Ty's, and Scott's as well in the last episode. As always, Heartland surprises me with every single episode.
For those of you who participated in our project, I would like to thank you, and tell you as well that I will be posting the video in You Tube any of these days.
Have a great weekend! ;)


  1. Anonymous1:48:00 AM

    I love Heartland and I don't want it to end! I hope a season 6 will come...

  2. Anonymous8:11:00 PM

    oh my i hate how she found the ring!!! they have to make a season 6!!!

  3. Anonymous11:33:00 AM

    There has to be a season 6. The best show ever

  4. I heard on the news or radio that CBC has to do some cutbacks due to financial difficulties. I heard that Heartland is one of the shows up on the chopping block. However,since it is extremely popular and watched by families across the nation, I hope they choose some other stupid CBC show.

  5. it was the best season of all heartland is the best

  6. i agree you guys have to make a season 6

  7. Anonymous3:35:00 PM

    It was sooo cute how Ty asked jack's permission to ask Amy. I can't believe how she found out! I hope they get married in season 6!!! Cant wait!!! 

  8. Anonymous3:18:00 PM

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