Sunday, September 23, 2012

...season 6 has already started!

Hello Heartland Fans around the world! :)

You might have already watched the new episode, the first one of season 6, either by CBC or in some website. If you haven't yet, I'll be posting the links here tomorrow (of episode 1 and 2).

So, I have just personally watched the episode and I couldn't stop myself from coming directly to the blog to write to you guys reading my posts :) I really liked the episode, though it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. But man, this is indeed a catchy tv series. 

I feel really sorry for Lou, Peter and Katie. I hope they get their house finished before the end of the season! ...And that will only happen if Peter doesn't kill the guy first :P 

About Ty and Amy, I have my hopes up on the next episode. If only Ty had proposed in the last episode of season 5...yeah that would have been easier than waiting till having his ring stolen! 

The second episode of the season has already aired today or will (the difference of time zones sucks). Canadians are indeed lucky! If you are from outside Canada, I'm sure you will be able to watch it on Monday (which is tomorrow for me), hopefully on You Tube or other sites like sidereel. I'll try to post the links as soon as I can.

Also thanks a lot to Richard for creating a Banner for us! We've received a lot which we think look amazing, and we'll try to put all of the ones you guys created! Thanks a lot for participating and always supporting the blog. You guys rock!

You can leave me a comment and tell me how you think the season's going so far. Thanks for reading, and see you later!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Heartland Season 6 Preview!!

Hello Heartland fans :)
I've been searching for this video since Sunday, when it was shown in CBC to all Canadians. It's the preview for the new season! I'm really sorry for the quality, but I think you might want to watch it this way, instead of not watching it at all, right?
I might be posting some more details in our twitter account (@heartlandluvers) and in our Facebook page (Heartlandlovers) and even here. As soon as I get the info, I'll post it for all of you guys.
Remember to comment, cause I love reading comments ;D
Here it is.

Thanks to  for posting this video!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Help us with the blog!

Hello Heartland fans!
How are you doing? Right now we're few days away from the new season! Can you believe it? Heartland has become such a successful TV show, that it will be having a sixth season. I still remember when we were waiting for the second,third, fourth, fifth season...and now sixth!

This post is to tell you about another contest that we have decided to do. The thing is, that we need a new header image (the one at the very top of the blog) and we would like you to help us.

To participate, you have to send us the picture you've made, by e-mail to, or by Facebook, tagging us in the picture or just posting it in our wall (Heartlandlovers) or twitter (@heartlandluvers).
The picture, must be of the Heartland cast, or the Heartland logo, as you wish.
It must include:

  • our blog name (Heartland Lovers) and URL (
  • Something else written, as the picture we actually have
  • your name or nickname 
When we finally have some pictures, we are going to choose one, and put it as header image :) We hope you can help us! Thanks for reading :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

New info ;D

Here's a new post with some new information about the filming of season 6 which has been taking place these last moths. 
We don't know when the season will be airing yet, but if we compare with the last seasons, it will surely be released around the end of September and the first days of October :)

Here in the pictre we have Amber (Amy) her dog China and Alisha Newton the new member of the cast who will be playing Georgie in the new season. -"I know you are all going to love her! She has been a wonderful addition to our Heartland family!"- Amber commented on her Facebook Page. 

Isn´t this cute? Here we have Amber (Amy) and Graham (Ty). There's two things I want to point out in this picture. Firstly, Amber's dress; she will be wearing it in the first episode of the season. And the send thing is Ty's new hair cut, which you may already know about. :)
Here Graham's being interviewed by CBC live in the front porch of the Heartland ranch.

There hasn't been any announcement of Mallory being on set yet. So, that means she'll not be taking place in the first episodes, because, as we saw in season 5, she left to Nashville. I am sure we'll all be missing her, though she may be appearing in other episodes. There's nothing to take for granted because filming season 6 will take a while. We'll have to be patient even if we don't want to ;) I am pretty sure Alisha will be playing the same kind of role Mallory used to play in the very first seasons, but that's just my opinion :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Season 6!

Hello Heartlanders :)

Season 6 it's on it's way! They have started filming this new season about 2 weeks ago ...yes, finally!!!
And now as we all now, here in the blog we're going to start with what we did the last season and the previous; while we wait till the second half of the year (they haven't given a date for the Premiere of the season yet) I'm going to start posting EVERYTHING I know about the episodes. So then, you better check the blog every now and then ;) I will be posting some details quite soon!
Hope you had a great weekend :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hello guys!
I´m so sorry I haven´t updated the blog in a while. It is what it looks like, I´ve been really busy, i didn´t even have time to write in my Fan Ficiton, and I am really sorry. I don´t want to disappoint you guys, I love Heartland and this big Fan Base we´ve created. Thank you so much for always reading my posts, I don´t know if you will read this one because you might have already stopped visiting the blog. Just know that I will never dump this blog and of course won't ever leave my readers. I´ve done it for over a year and I will keep on writing. About my Fan Fic, the truth is that I have it all in my head. It´s really funny, because I even have some dialogues stuck in my mind, and every time I go to sleep I start thinking about the story, and how I will develop it though out the chapters. I suggest you read the last chapter I´ve written cause in the next one I will post, there may be some things you might need to remember.
I know you´re all very happy about Heartland´s SEASON 6. And yes, finally, CBC has announced that there will be one more season!
Last but not least, I would love it if you left me some comments. I'll read them one by one :)
Have an awesome weekend!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Season Finale!!!

I can't believe it! We're almost done with season 5 of Heartland!
It seems like if it was yesterday that we were doing the countdown for season 5, trying to guess what would be like, impatiently watching the previews for the first episode over and over! And now it's ending once again?
One of the things that has got all of us crazy is that we don't certainly know if there's officially going to be a season 6 of our favorite TV show. CBC hasn't announced it yet, leaving us a big question sign.
So now I would like to was this season so far from your point of view?
I believe this was a great season (so far ;)) I really enjoyed it though it isn't my favorite season so far. It was amazing the idea of developing some character's stories, suck as Ty's, and Scott's as well in the last episode. As always, Heartland surprises me with every single episode.
For those of you who participated in our project, I would like to thank you, and tell you as well that I will be posting the video in You Tube any of these days.
Have a great weekend! ;)